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Dog Training Services

Private training at your home, including:

   Puppy and adult dog basic manners

  * Solving problem behaviors

  * Dog and baby/toddler:  Helping kids and dogs stay safe with each other
  * Help in choosing the right dog or pup for your household

"If peace is our goal, then our means must be peaceful."

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Dog and Baby Support Hotline:  1-877-247-3407


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                                                                        OTHER SITES

Humane Society of Chittenden County -- http://www.chittendenhumane.org/

Report Animal Cruelty/Neglect --http://www.reportanimalcruelty.com/public/

I'm an ideal weight.  Does this collar make me look fat?
Please report animal cruelty or neglect!
We're counting on you!
How can I know what you want if you don't teach me?


I do the initial intensive training of basic manners for puppies or adult dogs while you are 
at work (or at home), and then transfer the newly-acquired skills to you to maintain--
a favorite package for busy people who want a well-behaved 
companion but don't have time to do lots of training.

(Due to travel time, this option has a limited service area. Contact us for details.)

6 hours of training over 2-3 weeks, 
plus (2) 1/2 hr transfer sessions (total 7 hrs)  
 $ 750         


Puppies don't come with instruction manuals.  This is the next best thing!  
We'll cover socialization, house training, crate training, puppy biting, all the usual issues.  
Plus preventing problems, knowing what to expect as your pup grows up, and getting 
started on basic manners.  For puppies up to 20 wks (5 mos) old at start.  
And we can start before your pup even gets home!

8 hours total over 8 weeks, 
some of which can be on Zoom for convenience


Teaching you to train your dog

                     Basics: Come, stay, sit, leash walking, polite greetings, general manners.

Problem solving:  Including fearfulness, jumping, barking, safety around 
           children, reactivity or aggression toward dogs or humans, 
resource guarding, handling issues etc.  

Basics package (3 hrs total to be completed within 8 weeks)   $ 330 

"Basics and Beyond" or "Problem-solving" package 
(6 hrs to be completed within 12 weeks)    $ 655 


I can also help you train your cat, rabbit, guinea pig, chickens or livestock to establish routines, improve behavior, or learn fun tricks!  Inquire!

Locations more than 10 miles away require additional travel fee.

                                                                                  Milton, VT                                                 Outside this area 

 * Dog walking/check-ins                       $ 15/half hour, $30/hour                            $ 20/30

  * Dog sitting at your home                      $ 65 per 24-hrs                                        $ 75
     (includes 3 1/2 hr walks, feedings, 
        plants, lights, mail, etc)

  *Cats/small pets/chickens (feeding, play)    $ 15 per 30-min visit                               $ 15 ​  
  *Sitting overnight only 9pm-8am            $ 35/night                                                $ 45 
     (includes feeding, short morning walk)

Due to travel time required, I generally confine items listed below to Milton.  But I do make exceptions!  Inquire!


 Dog training in the USA is a completely unregulated industry.      Literally ANYONE can call themselves a dog trainer, 
   even with no education or qualifications.  Buyer beware.  

 Holly is certified through the prestigious Karen Pryor               Academy, and uses only modern and humane teaching         methods based in the science of how animals learn.


"Odin was very upset...going nuts."

Odin was involved in a dust up with a neighborhood pooch who had strayed off his electric fence. Odin was very upset and couldn't even drive past this house without going nuts. We enlisted Holly's help and with the cooperation of the pooch's owner we were successful in desensitizing the dogs and reintroducing them. They are now able to go on off leash walks together and all is well.

                        ~ Gretchen

"Holly Understood Brooke Right Away"

My dog Brooke had been asked not to return to several dog schools before we were introduced to Holly. Brooke was a fear-aggressive dog who could not manage any dog school environment safely. 
 Holly understood Brooke right away and she 
worked to slowly gain Brooke's trust. She then 
used positive reinforcement training to take 
Brooke out into the world, and to teach me 
many, many things about having this type of 
dog and how to best manage situations.
~Brooke's mom  
"A Very Patient Trainer"

Holly is very responsible, very knowledgeable with that clicker, and a very patient trainer. She is such a cheerful person, with dogs and people. We wish her continued good luck with Diamond in the Ruff. 
  ~ Linda M.

"We have been re-educated ..."

We just finished a three week Private Puppy Training session with Diamond in the Ruff's Trainer, Holly Godfrey. We learned so many great ideas and techniques to use with our 4.5 month old, very active, Australian Shepherd puppy, Warren. We have been 
re-educated about a gentler, kinder methodology 
to get our dog to do what we need him to do--
through cooperation!

            ~Vicki, Peter, and Warren