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Committed to helping you and your dog enjoy life together.
     Private training at your home, including:

 * Basic manners for any age dog/puppy

 * Solving problem behaviors--puppies or adults

 * Day Training: I train your dog at your home while you are
         at work and then train you to maintain the new skills.   

 * Help in choosing the right dog or pup for your household

 * Ideas for working with dogs with sight/hearing loss

 * New baby/toddler safety: Preparing your home and your dog 


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How do I get her to click?
Will I grow up to be a terrier...
or a terror !?!  Training makes the difference!
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Can old dogs learn new tricks?  Absolutely!  And new, fun games, too!
"If peace is our goal, then our means must be peaceful."

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Dog and Baby Support Hotline:  1-877-247-3407


Dominance and Dog Training -- http://www.apdt.com/petowners/choose/dominance.aspx

The "needs a heavy hand" myth -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGZnQlFevf0

Force Free Dog Training -- 

Say No to Shock Collars --http://www.hollysden.com/say_no_to_shock.htm

Ideal body condition and weight --http://www.dogforum.com/general-dog-discussion/dog-body-condition-scoring-29166/ 

Assoc. of Pet Dog Trainers-- Free webinars --http://apdt.com/education/webinars/free/

Underground fences: potential problems --


                                                                        OTHER SITES

Humane Society of Chittenden County -- http://www.chittendenhumane.org/

Report Animal Cruelty/Neglect --http://www.reportanimalcruelty.com/public/

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Note: rates have increased as of 1/1/19


Unless your training needs involve only one or two simple behaviors, 
we recommend a multi-hour package.  

Basic training for puppies/dogs  Teaching you to teach your dog.                                                                                                          
Walk 'n' Train:  An hour of exercise combined with manners training.                                                               
Puppy Socialization (age 8-20 wks):  While you are at work, I will take your pup on fun field trips and help him/her form a happy, secure view of the world!  This is the best foundation for becoming a calm, friendly, well-adjusted adult dog.                       
               $ 95/hr            

3-hr package (to be completed within 8 weeks)    $ 260 (save $25)


Day Training: 

I do the initial intensive training while you are at work (or at home), and then transfer the skills to you to maintain the newly-learned behaviors.  This is becoming the favorite package for busy people who 
just want a well-behaved companion.

6 hours of training  within 2 weeks, 
plus 1/2 hr transfer session at end of each week  
 $ 630 (save $35 and and a LOT of time)        


Solving Behavior Problems: 

Incl. separation anxiety,  jumping up, barking, safety around children, reactivity to dogs or humans, resource guarding etc.                           

$ 105/hr

 3-hr Pkg  (to be completed within 8 weeks) 
$ 290 (save $25)

 Depending on the type and severity of behaviors, day training 
(as above) may be appropriate for some these sessions. 

A minimum of 3 sessions is required for aggression/reactivity issues.


  Locations more than 10 miles away require additional travel fee--applies to all of the above.

                                                                              South end of Burlington                                 Outside this area 

 * Dog walking/check-ins                       $ 15/half hour, $25/hour                            $ 18/25

  * Dog sitting at your home                      $ 65 per 24-hrs                                        $ 75
     (includes 1 1-hr walk and 2 shorter walks,
      feedings, plants, lights, mail, etc)

  *Cats/small pets/chickens (feeding, play)    $ 15 per 30-min visit                               $ 15 ​  
  *Sitting overnight only 9pm-8am            $ 35/night                                                $ 45 
     (includes feeding, short morning dog walk)


Understand that your dog is not trying to give you a hard time.  

They're having a hard time.  

Due to travel time required, I generally confine items listed below to 
the south end of Burlington.  But I do make exceptions!  Inquire!
I love looking out 
      the window!.