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Committed to helping dogs and people learn to understand one another and work together as a team.
"Holly and Diamond in the Ruff Dog Training were immensely helpful to us as we transitioned our lively, willful rescue puppy into our family and lives. A year later, her gentle yet powerful techniques and guidance are still put to use every day. We are grateful for her role in helping us live with an otherwise intense 'roomate' who had already lived in 5 homes before the age of 8 months. Thank you, Holly! We all love you!"
                                                                           ~ Kathy B.

My dog Brooke had been asked not to return to several dog schools before we were introduced to Holly.  Brooke was a fear-aggressive dog who could not manage any dog school environment safely.  Holly understood Brooke right away and she worked to slowly gain Brooke's trust.  She then used positive reinforcement training to take Brooke out into the world, and to teach me many, many things about having this type of dog and how to best manage situations.  I would highly recommend Holly to people with difficult or not so difficult dogs. 
I have referred her to friends with both dogs and cats. Everyone has said wonderful things about her including her kindness toward and excellent care for the animals, and her training skills. Holly is very kind and thoughtful about what is best for all parties in situations. 
                                                                     ~Brooke's Mom

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Holly has been a friend and a help with our two dogs for years. She was referred to us by other friends, the owners of Bandit (see photo). We love keeping her in the family! 
When our Miss Daisy (old dog/new tricks photo) was really slowing down in her last months, we knew that Holly would give her tender care. We forever will thank her for helping with our old gal. As for active, crazy Bailey, he is always far better behaved after spending time with her, and he loves her so much.
Holly is very responsible, very knowledgeable with that clicker, and a very patient trainer. She is such a cheerful person, with dogs and people. We wish her continued good luck with Diamond in the Ruff. 
                     ~ Linda M.

Hi, I am Sissy... a 21-year-old chihuahua-terrier mix.  (That's me in the pic below, chasing chipmunks in the woodpile). Holly is my BFF!! (Besides my mom, of course.)  Holly saved my life when I was taken from a hoarding situation and brought to the animal shelter. Most of the humans there thought I was so anti-social that no one would ever give me a                                home, and that it would be best if I went to “sleep.” I was just very, very                                               afraid. Holly saw that I had potential if the right person came along. I                                     could bond with someone... I knew I could!  Holly knew it, too, and she                                 just didn’t give up on me.
                             Then the right person did come along! I have been in my home now,                                      with a pretty okay human (actually, I love her a LOT), for over five                                        years. I am both the princess and the clown of my home. Holly comes to visit with me when my mom needs to be away. She takes me for walks, sometimes with other humans and other dogs. She teaches me all kinds of tricks which, because I am very smart (and also because I love treats) I learn quickly.
I still don’t trust a whole lot of humans, but I do have a handful of human friends now. I am sooo much “better” than I was!  I feel pretty confident about life. Holly really helped me--she's the best!

I want to highly recommend Holly Godfrey. She walks our pug, Spring, regularly, and she recently took care of both Spring and our chickens while we were on vacation. She is so generous with her time and attention to the dog. Big plus, she not only walks and cares for pooches, she is also a trainer and she applies her skills during her time with them. Spring has benefited greatly. She has been quite a challenge and her behavior has improved impressively since spending time with Holly. I have also recommended Holly to others and both people and pooches love her! Her website is informative. And she just lives a few blocks from us.
                                                                               ~ Christa 
We just finished a three week Private Puppy Training session with Diamond in the Ruffs’ Trainer, Holly Godfrey. We learned so many great ideas and techniques to use with our 4.5 month old, very active, Australian Shepherd puppy, Warren. We have been re-educated about a gentler, kinder methodology to get our dog to do what we need him to do--through cooperation!
My husband and I call Holly “The Dog Whisperer”! She has such a way with Warren. He is immediately calm and attentive as soon as she arrives, no matter how “wild” he was prior to her walking through the door.
We are looking forward to a long relationship with Holly, whether it be additional classes or just following up to help educate us so we continue to raise this puppy into a well-behaved and happy adult dog.
Thanks, Holly!
               ~Vicki, Peter & Warren 
If you need a dog trainer, Holly is fantastic! We adopted our new baby, a 9 month old, 85 pound Great Pyrenees mix named Odin. He was very friendly, very smart, very playful, and very large. He had been passed around to a few owners who just didn't understand the commitment puppies take and especially a very large puppy. He had never had consistent parenting or learned proper manners. Holly stepped in and trained ME so that I could train Odin. I definitely had some challenging moments, but Holly's calm, confident and patient manner got us through. After a few sessions and emails back and forth, we were well on our way to a happy household with our new pup. A few months later, Odin was involved in a dust up with a neighborhood pooch who had strayed off his electric fence. No physical harm was done, but Odin was very upset and couldn't even drive past this house without going nuts. We enlisted Holly's help and with the cooperation of the pooch's owner we were successful in desensitizing the dogs and reintroducing them. They are now able to go on off leash walks together and all is well. Holly was so generous with her time, even including a Saturday evening training session to keep the positive progress moving forward. If you are having behavior or training issues, don't let them ruin your relationship with your dog. Call Holly.